Franklin Vines Launching 2024


Franklin Vines Vineyard

Support the first Black woman owned vineyard in the Freedmen’s Colony of Shankeville, TX.

Become a founding supporter of Franklin Vines! * The Shankleville Vineyard will serve as a 21st century community-builder, skills-builder, and a catalyst for new jobs and economic development for one of Texas’ poorest counties. It would be the first of its kind, broadening local views of land use, economic development, and tourism. *

The Vineyard will offer learning opportunities and internships for students regarding farming, farm/business management, and other career paths that can grow out of this venture. 

Franklin plans to add scholarships under her umbrella for any woman of color entering the field of agriculture and wine. * Sharing the history of the freedmen’s community and building something unique would be a tribute to the foundation of blood, sweat and tears that her ancestors established so long ago.

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