Hi I'm Stephanie Franklin

Nice to meet you. I’m a lover of all things wine! 

I’m a wine lover, a wine geek and wine writer. I’ve had a passion for wine since the mid 90’s. Over the years of working in corporate and non-profit industries, I realized I wasn’t happy, nor excited by the work I was doing. I was challenged by my good friend to do what I love! Those words stuck with me and on October 14, 2018, I enrolled in The Texas School of Wine and as I like to say “The Vines Saved Me”. 

I love traveling to vineyards and wineries tasting wines from all over the world, interviewing wine makers, hosting wine tastingsand dinners and educating others about wine. When I’m not discovering new wines, I’m discovering new wines. You can find me at a live jazz concert “Wynton Marsalis” or newly opened restaurants, exploring new foods. 

I currently hold WSET levels 1 & 2 certifications and soon to have level3.  I’m now on my journey to starting my own vineyard and to becoming a winemaker. 

I will give you a glimpse into my wine world and I hope to inspire others to enjoy great bottle of wine. Follow me and let’s explore wines together.

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